Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Great minds ...

I'm sure you already know about the Village Haberdashery - it's been a great online shop for a while, but now has a lovely bricks and mortar shop in north London.  The newsletter came out today and I saw these lovely baby blankets.  It reminds me of a blanket I made for my niece at Christmas.  By a spooky coincidence I got the fleece from the Village Haberdashery and then bought wool felt for the back to help it stand up to being used as a play mat on a wooden floor. 

I also hand quilted a bird on the wool felt side to add some detailing, although I only thought of it once I'd sewn the three layers (cotton fleece, batting and wool felt) together and it was a bit of a trial to do it that way.  You do get a quite nice shadow effect though, which you can see on the second photograph, so I'm not entirely unhappy with it.  It turned into a popular present too, but not for my niece who never got her paws on it as it was pinched by my sister instead.