Friday, 18 March 2011

Springtime (not here yet)

Just a quickie - I've taken the last two Mondays off and both days have been gloriously sunny, crisp spring days.  Is there something in the fact that it has misted over and become very gloomy on the working days?  Hmm, perhaps not a thought to pursue more closely.

Anyway, this Monday I had my food shop delivered by Abel & Cole and couldn't resist taking a picture (I don't have a good camera so apologies for the quality) of how lovely all the fresh fruit and veg looked.  This is springtime.

Now if anyone knows what the devil to do with a beetroot I would love a recommendation.  It peeps up at me from the veg tray everytime I open the fridge and it's making me feel a) guilty and b) embarrassed by my lack of knowledge about what to do with it.

Most people are also no doubt aware that it's Comic Relief today so the team has been aflutter with cupcake baking.  Not the most popular department at the best of times, in a clear act of manipulation, we're attempting to buy our way into the affections of the employee population at large, by stuffing them choc (ha ha) full of cupcakes, vermicelli and icing.  All made with gallons of whole milk and plenty of sugar.  Think it's important to offset the good with the bad (or is that meant to be the other way around) so from the sublime to the slightly ridiculous (and also luminously non-natural looking), here are some of my cupcakes below.

(My first ever attempt at icing - for my brother who was visiting)
(the Lone Cupcake Ranger)
Lordy, a gaggle of Red Nose cupcakes


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  1. Hi CJ, we love your blog post! And by the looks of it we think you'd love this recipe for your beetroot. It's always a winner for celebrations in our office.

    It's a dark chocolate ginger beetroot cake -

    If you make it please do let us know if you enjoy it!

    Abel & Cole-er!