Friday, 18 November 2011

Baking - what a jolly way to spend an evening. 

I made Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s hazelnut and chocolate cake on Tuesday and haven’t included a picture because my version looks absolutely nothing like his version.  In fact, mine is a rather stolid looking object – I must have done something wrong because it’s very crumbly so I’ve “glued” it together with the chocolate glaze (which is as deep as the Zion narrows in parts where there are crevasses and cracks in the cake).  As with all things edible the main thing is the flavour though.  The depth of flavour is incredible and it has such a richness to it (that’ll be the 400g of hazelnuts).  It’s just my presentation that’s poor so I’d say it’s the cake equivalent of a Ferrari engine inside a Robin Reliant.  Hopefully people will see past the visual impact and appreciate the performance on the taste buds.  The flavour has torque.

Last night I baked the 24 cupcakes although sadly only 23 will make it to their cake stand tomorrow as one found its final resting place in my tummy.  Let’s call it chef’s perks.  Although when I caught sight of myself in the mirror before I started getting ready for bed it was clear chef had been in receipt of several perks – there was cake mix dried to my chin and cheek from licking out the bowls and green food dye from the frosting smudged across my forehead.  I’m fairly confident Lorraine Pascal never looks so scrappy after baking but licking the bowl is almost better than the cake in my view ... 

So I’m all ready to go for the Afternoon Tea my friend Kate and I are hosting for Pancreatic Cancer UK tomorrow.  Here’s to a good afternoon of much fun for a good cause.

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