Monday, 6 January 2014

The scourge of the moth ...

I knew there was something wrong, but I've had my head in the sand.  Eventually, new year and all that, I had to face facts - the jumper I started many moons ago (literally years), knit lovingly to just that point that you can't get past, and then left lurking in a basket somewhere for ages, had been devoured by the evil moth. 

Now, my yarn is all kept in big plastic boxes (organised into colour families you know) with moth balls and lumps of cedar liberally scattered amongst them.  Then, I was not so savvy.  I had a feeling something was wrong, but didn't really want to confront it.  And worse, the bag it was in was a lovely Jigsaw bag, the sort one buys oneself as a treat - that's been eaten too.  The Bastards.  

So the wool is in the bin.  The jumper's in the bin.  The bag is in the bin.  I feel sad and more than a little silly - I knew it, and did nothing about it.  A lesson in not putting things off until tomorrow if the moth needs to be murdered today ...

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