Monday, 28 November 2011

At last, they’re finished.  In the end, it didn’t take very long to construct them.  The decoration took the most time, and with hindsight there are quite a few things I would do differently to achieve a better finish but the mistakes have developed my understanding further of the properties of different types of fabric so good learning.  I also got very focused on how to pull the whole together (dreams about stitching the lining for example) without considering sufficiently the constituent parts.  The plush sheds a lot as well – the flat looks as if it has been carpet bombed by a yeti. 

And ground breaks this morning on the craft room.  Rather daftly I have forgotten to take a before picture – actually I didn’t forget so much as run out of time after a panicked “must get fit” revelation as I fell asleep last night which propelled me out of the door before the crows were up this morning which meant I was then running late for the schlep to the office.  So no before picture, but I will take some work in progress shots as the week goes on.

My cushion has been banned from the living room - apparently it's "very nice but one for the craft room only".  Honestly, I should have made it in beige and pastel flowers. Grr.  Oh well, am sure I'm not alone in this - having a warm and untroubled fondness for something I've made, then being surprised when it is not shared by other people.  It's probably a bit like being a parent to a ugly child - no one thinks they're child resembles The Thing, and I love that ugly cushion goddamnit.

Anyone else been taken by surprise that it’s Christmas in four working weeks – the trouble with getting excited and baking the cakes in early Autumn is that it’s a constant low level hum and a body doesn’t realise the event itself is sneaking up.  I've suddenly realised I have no time to decorate the cakes I made as gifts, and also don't know how to decorate cakes.  Ah well, nothing like learning on the job and under pressure.

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