Friday, 2 December 2011

Pierrot rising

Pierrot pondering - another fan of the onesie (image from Pinterest)
I was looking back at my earliest blog – not hard, there aren’t many – and it struck me how quickly the blog changed.  I’ve gone from writing about things I like and how that appeal would lead me to try and make them, to writing about the process.  How I’ve gone about learning things and my technical challenges etc.  As a result, I think I’ve held myself back in terms of making things but also letting my imagination take over a bit more.  I’ve allowed my desire to make things to hide behind the process of learning.

So it’s time to stop focusing on the detail.  Well, stop focusing quite as much - I actually quite like the detail too - and start focusing more on the things that inspire me and capturing those images/thoughts/words etc.  These are actually quite numerous but I then get myself into a “I don’t know how to translate what I see into what I make” quagmire and don’t push through it.  I’m slightly hampered by only having my Blackberry camera which is quite good but not great.  Dear Santa, please bring me a camera for Christmas (or vouchers towards a camera).  And maybe an embroidery foot for Bobby if I’ve been really good this year.  I’ve already bought the pin boards for my craft room and as a consummate hoarder already have plenty of things to pin up to inspire me as Bobby and I are sewing away. 

Early to be making them but a New Year’s Resolution is to start pushing past the pattern.  Pardon the alliteration, but I really think this helps.  I should probably also not confess that what got me thinking was packing pyjamas for a trip to see my brother this weekend.  I decided on the marvellous space saving onesie that I bought recently to much derision from the OH who described my attempts at demonstrating its chicness (it really isn’t) and general practical loveliness as akin to a demented convict mime.  Rude.  If the floor hadn’t been covered in fugitive stuff from the soon-to-be craft room (picture of current devastation above) he’d have been sleeping on it.  I would also add that the onesie doesn’t have feet  - I love a onesie but am not trapped in some kind of crazy infantile regression-style breakdown where I don’t know where the edges are between my adult life and “inner child”.  Or something.  Anyway, it got chilly last time so making a playsuit was impractical.  Come spring, perhaps that’s the sewing project to kick off with.  Let’s get through Christmas first people, let’s get through Christmas.

This was a cupboard - currently a crime scene - soon to be a craft room (I hope)

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